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The Brand New Standard for Modular Solutions

At Eco Planet, we are committed to delivering an amazing line-up of eco-friendly container cabins, and other standalone pre-engineered buildings suitable for modern-day requirements.

It’s been 10 amazing years since Eco Planet started supplying portable full-option cabins that are marvels of technology, aesthetics, and luxury. 

The One-Stop Shop for All Container Cabins/conversion That Works for Today’s World

A Convenient and Practical Solution That Helps You Keep Pace With Present-Day Lifestyle. In our modern society, the idea of using Portable Handwash sink/station and standalone sanitization systems has become the new normal. Eco Planet is a specialty portable security cabin toilet cabin manufacturer in the UAE.

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Container Office | Shipping Container Offices Dubai - UAE

Our Products

Looking for reliable Manufacturers of Container Cabins/conversion? Ecoplanet offers high-quality Container Cabins/conversion at affordable and budget-friendly prices. we have an extensive range of Container Cabins to meet the needs of our customers. The products we supply are designed under the supervision of our experienced professionals. 

Are you searching for the best quality Container Offices? We are engaged in offering Container Offices that are highly appreciated for high structural strength, compact size, and eye-catching designs

Ecoplanet is one of the best providers of Toilet Containers that are manufactured by highly experienced professionals using high-grade and quality material. As per customers’ requirements

Ecoplanet is the apt choice for customers looking for high-quality Container Houses/Rest Areas. We assure long durability with high performance for each product we sell.

Looking for storage needs? Ecoplanet offers a variety of solutions to meet all your storage needs. Our portable Storage Container offers wide variety of solutions for your temporary space needs.

If you are searching for a trustworthy supplier of flat-pack containers, you have reached the right place. Ecoplanet is one of the most reputed suppliers of flat-pack containers

Our Services

Eco planet containers are affordable and sustainable. They are ideal for offices, co-working spaces, hotels, and restaurants. Eco planet is your destination for a new experience. When you use eco planet container services, not only will you receive affordable rates and flexible terms and conditions, but you’ll also benefit from additional services that are tailor-made for renting and leasing containers.

Container Office | Shipping Container Offices Dubai - UAE
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    Container Office Rental

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    Container Toilet Rental

Serving the diverse requirements of our valued clients with high-quality products
We have been supplying supreme and good quality container cabins for Rent UAE for more than 10 years. The structural abilities of containers we manufacture make them best suitable for placing it as individual office cabins or along with your immovable assets, houses, etc

Discover The Range Of Exquisite Freestanding container cabins From Eco Planet:
Container Offices, Container Toilets, Container Houses/Rest Area , Storage Container, Flat Pack Containers. We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Container Cabins to meet the needs of our customers. The products we supply are designed under the supervision of our experienced professionals.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly, compact office Container, or just looking to rent?
Create a low-carbon office without the hassle. Rent eco-friendly, compact office designs that reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy. These types of office spaces offer many benefits that most offices do not have. They are affordable, they are easy to maintain, and they come in different sizes that cater to different needs. Furthermore, renting a container office is not only better for the environment but also much cheaper than buying a similar space on your own.
Redefining the Standard of Personal Hygiene and Sanitation
Most of the workspaces have toilets built into their office building. But what does traveling offices do to attend nature’s call, like oil and gas companies which operate in different job sites? To offer flexible solutions for such companies, we kicked off our Container Toilets for Rent UAE packages that are available cheap yet maintain all health & hygiene standards.

Are you looking for a Container toilet for your upcoming event, or just looking to rent?
Eco Planet is the place to go. Our containers are environmentally friendly and designed with sustainability in mind. Because of their extreme durability and ease of use, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Toilets are much more comfortable than conventional ones with our eco planet containers.

Here are the reasons why we are rated as the best Portable
Sanitation Rental Company UAE.
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Easy-to-use Design
  • Nature-friendliness
  • Energy Conservation
  • Luxury & Convenience
  • Our Portable Container Cabins Are Great For

    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for construction site


    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for oil field

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    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for parking lots

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    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for storage yard

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    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for remote area


    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for labor rest area

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    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for outdoor event

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    Container Office | Shipping Container Offices are greater for tourist place

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the types of container cabins?

    There are many types of container cabins as per your need some. The first type makes use of the interlocking system then we have top bunk container, double width bunk containers, and triple wide bunk containers. The containers come in many sizes, shapes, and materials.

    Can your shipping container be modified?

    Yes, you can modify a shipping container. However, the modifications will affect the overall size and weight of the container, so you may want to consult a professional before making any changes.

    How to make sure shipping containers are safe to live in?

    Firstly, make sure that the container is of good quality, secondly ensure that you get good quality and sturdy door and windows to safely enter and exit the container. Third, look for a fully furnished container, which can be customized to your liking.

    Is it worth building a shipping container home?

    Lot of people built incredible homes out of shipping containers and are satisfied. If you have the determination and patience to get it done, we recommend giving it a shot.

    Can you use shipping containers for portable offices?

    Yes, they can be and they are extremely durable, making them perfect for use as a workspace. They are also remarkably cost-effective, making them an exceptional option for both business owners and freelancers alike.

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